Danish Khan

“It wasn’t until I was referred by my close friend to have my eye sight surgically fixed by Hashmani’s. Pondering over how eyesight can be fixed surgically, I set up an appointment with Dr. Sharif Hashmani. He explained and guided me through the whole process explaining each of my queries in detail. I must say, it was the right decision as I never felt any pain and till date, I am now glasses free”

Saeed Ansari

“Being a photographer, wearing spectacles had always irritated me. I had tried in vain to find an eye surgeon who can provide the right consultation on how to have my eyesight fixed. It wasn’t until I found out about Dr. Sharif Hashmani and immediately set up an appointment with him. I thank him for the truly professional service that he had provided me and can’t thank him enough of getting me rid of the spectacles.”