The reason for our success is due to the fact that we have focused on a very simple vision – to promote the awareness of the general public through multimedia, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and lectures.

There are numerous reasons which can cause blindness. This can be due to the non-commercial and nutritional deficiency diseases, as well as physical injuries. Research has shown that up to 70%-80% of blindness and visual impairments can be prevented if treated properly. Sadly, the average Pakistani is either unaware of these treatments or lacks sufficient finances to make use of these treatments. Today, there is an annual requirement of over 300,000 cataract surgeries in Pakistan, but only 140 of those surgeries happen per year.

To achieve its vision, we at Hashmani’s have alone held over 100 free campts and have performed over 90,000 cataract surgeries by examining over a million patients since 1981. All the steps have been taken to achieve our mission: to prevent blindness by the means of mass awareness campaigns, free eye camps, and free eye hospitals.

We also Vision to start a detection of Impairments in children campaign in different parts of Pakistan. The prevention, control and treatment of eye impairments and diseases among children will be a key program. During the first three years, pilot schools will be identified, training and recording materials developed, doctors and teachers trained and referral system instituted with the Foundation’s Hospital.

Mobile Eye Hospital

To promote the vision of Hashmanis’s, Dr. Sharif has launched the Hashmani’s Mobile Eye Hospital. The Mobile Eye Hospital includes a first class field hospital equipped with a surgical unit and a state of the art operation theatre on the pattern of “Orbis,” the famous flying hospital.

More eye surgeons needed

With Pakistan’s population increasing by 3% every year, there is a never ending need for additional eye surgeons. Unfortunately, there are very few who enter into the field and the ration of the surgeons to the patients has always been poor. We at Hashmani’s believe that we can contain blindness in the country if the eye surgeons volunteer to join us in our mission. The need for more eye surgeons is never ending, and it is our responsibility as a citizen of Pakistan to ensure that we put our best efforts to make our homeland a better place.

Mobile Train Eye Hospital

A revolutionary concept for the 21st century
Fully committed to combat blindness in Pakistan, Muslim Association is confident that preventable blindness could be totally eradicated from this country by the year 2020. For achieving the objective, an ambitious plan has been drawn for reaching the blind at their doorsteps in the remote corners of Pakistan. Planning a Mobile Train Eye Hospital on the pattern of ORBIS the flying Hospital. Hashmanis Foundation is sure and confident that philanthropic organizations and people will come forward to help launch the “Mobile Eye Hospital Train”.