How do you get the world to notice? How do you get Pakistan recognized for innovation in an era of negativity? These are the questions Hashmanis Hospital aims to answer. Geared with some of the best equipment in the world, we are the leaders of technology in terms of eye care. Settling for second was never an option and today we can proudly boast machines that even the best hospitals in the world are yet to purchase. The aim of Hashmanis Hospital is to be at the forefront of eye care not only in Pakistan, but in the world; we aim to make Pakistan shine in a time where we are thought of as third class citizens of the world.

Although we are proud to boast the greatest of technologic evolution in eye care, I have to say we are guilty of underutilizing our capabilities in research. That is the next step in the evolution of this hospital. Pakistan has a wealth of information yet to be tapped with diseases that are rampant with minimal reaction from doctors; we have a vision to change that in the near future. Hashmanis Hospital doesn’t wish to sit idle while millions suffer.

Lastly, and most importantly, we would like to make the patient’s life a more pleasant one. Patients have always come first for our hospital and we are in the works to streamline this process even further for our veteran customers. We don’t want you to leave dissatisfied with our hospital for any reason. I hope to welcome you to the Hashmanis Hospital in the near future.